Considered the original form of dance as an art form, ballet stems from 15th century Europe. Ballet is the base for all other forms of dance, and pieces of ballet are used throughout all other styles, making it a staple class for all aspiring dancers. 

The three main styles of ballet are Classical, Neoclassial, and Contemporary. Here at SLAY we focus on  Classical and Contemporary. Classical ballet is frequently story-based and orchestrated (think Nutcracker or Swan Lake). Classical ballet focuses on more sophisticated, dignified, and controlled movements, along with pointe work, gracefulness, and symmetry. Contemporary, on the other hand, is more grounded and physical, focusing on more abstract movements, as well as less linear storylines.

Both of these styles are featured here at SLAY! Be sure to check them out in the Class Schedule!


Jazz is a more fast-paced style, including bolder, more dramatic and less strict movements than ballet. Jazz originates from early 1920s-1930s street traditions that evolved into jazz clubs. Many jazz movements stem from a ballet basis, which is why taking both styles is important. Luckily, we specialize in both here at SLAY! 


Hip-hop first originated in the streets of New York City during the 1970s, in the African-American and Puerto Rican communities. Hip-hop is one of the most diverse dance styles, lacking the stern rules of ballet or jazz. Hip-hop is fast paced, with various different sub-styles that make every class a new adventure! 


Modern dance is an extremely unique style given that it outright rejects many of the rules (pointed toes, posture, graceful movements) that ballet establishes. Modern emphasizes creativity and originality, as well as complex and often abstract stories, more metaphystical than the rigid storylines that ballet tells. Modern is one of SLAY owner Rodney Stanton’s signature styles, and is a large focus of the contemporary clases here at SLAY!


Fusion, like its name suggests, is a mixture between multiple styles, blending not only dance types but also cultural elements to form a new unique style signature to SLAY. Unlike other studios, whose closest relative to fusion is a simple “street jazz,” SLAY’s fusion combines dance and culture from all over the world to form the exciting and fresh style.  




Acrobatics, or acro, originates from the combination of gymnastics and dance. Many acro moves are applied in routines (and these moves have become especially popular in competitive dance). Things like aerials, walkovers, handsprings, and other exciting moves await in this class! Or, for more beginner dancers, SLAY offers lower-level tumbling courses where younger dancers can learn moves like cartwheels, bridges, and basic rolls. Acro also focuses on balance, stability, and flexibility. SLAY has an extensive acro/tumbling course with passionate and knowledgeable teachers directing courses for all levels!


An important part in any dancer is the strength and flexibility that allows them to accurately and gracefully execute all types of movement. In this class we focus on in-depth stretches and exercises in order to condition dancers' bodies to be both strong and pliant through hard work.


At SLAY we not only teach our students to be great and passionate dancers, but also technical dancers. Turns and Leaps is an excellent class for the aspiring technical dancer, focusing on grinding out various turns, such as pirouettes and fouettés, and leaps, like firebirds and switch leaps. SLAY offers multiple levels of this class, allowing beginning and advanced dancers alike to benefit from these technique based classes. Turns and Leaps is a great class to take along with other dance courses, such as Jazz and Ballet, as the elements applied in all three classes work together to create the perfect blend of technique and performance skill.


Missing those explosive moves in your solo? Flips and Tricks is the place to be. In Flips and Tricks, SLAY teaches its students all of the power moves than any competitive dancer needs. We are equipped with skilled and knowledgeable instructors who prioritize safety and proper technique when educating our students on the hottest and most exciting new tricks. Come learn these moves and add a pop to your dance range, or add a new skill to help you win that solo in your routine.




If other classes are too fast paced, or you need some downtime after all your hard work, yoga is a great option for you! Yoga classes focus on improving health, performance, and mental energy of athletes and participants, as well as promoting balance and general fitness. Yoga is a great course both as a support to other dance classes, or as a standalone. Come find your balance, with class dates and times available in the Class Schedule!